Kathie Thaw, R.N., M.A.

Life Coach, Author, Speaker

Light of Destiny

About Kathie:

Kathie Thaw has a rich amount of experience.  She is an RN, with a Master’s Degree in Physical Education (Exercise Physiology & Wellness), as well as a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.  She is certified as a Life Coach.

Kathie is also an author and a born again Christian.  Navigate to the “Kathie’s Books” page to learn more.

She has prepared several powerpoint presentations, which are available for her speaking engagements, with more to come.  Please consider inviting Kathie to your church to hear these powerful presentations which expose the dangers of yoga, the religion of new age, and give a perspective on the invisible needs of those in the church.   We perish for lack of knowledge, and these presentations give much needed information in these perilous end times.  These are:

  • The Dangers of Yoga.  Do you know the roots of yoga, and what it stands for, and how it can negatively impact your Christian life?  Listen to this presentation and have your eyes opened like they have never been before regarding this.
  • The Religion of New Age.  We are told to avoid New Age, but do we really know what it is, so that we can?  This presentation will enlighten you as to what New Age is, so you can avoid it.
  • The Church and Those at its Doors.  What are the invisible problems that people can bring to the Church when they arrive?  Are we aware of the hidden suffering of others?  This presentation will bring to light these hidden problems and sufferings, so that we can be more effective in ministering to those in our very churches.

You might even be treated to some of Kathie’s original contemporary Christian songs from her album “Citizen of Heaven”.  Navigate to the contact page to contact Kathie regarding this.

Visit her web site www.kathiethaw.com 

Visit her on her Facebook page also www.facebook.com/lodyblog