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Light of Destiny

Welcome to Light of Destiny, where you can come for inspiration, one post at a time.  This site is authored by Kathie Thaw, R.N., M.A. 

Life is quite a ride.  From bliss to despair, and all the emotions between.  Light of Destiny embraces life, with all its shiny tinsel, the muddy parts, and the sharp painful parts.  The high peaks and the valleys.  Embracing all of life is part of what it is to be fully alive.

It’s not possible to only have the shiny tinsel part of life.  Embracing that part automatically embraces its polar opposite.  In order to have the capacity to feel joy, one must have the capacity to feel its polar opposite.  Those polar opposites need not be seen as “negative”.  Things are developing for our highest good, at all times, in all ways, whether we realize it or not.  Things are always being presented to us, for our clarification.

What is the clarification?  It’s the roadmap, the secret roadmap if you will, that only you can read.  Only you can feel your emotions, only you can know if something is attractive or repulsive to you.  How exciting to know that such a roadmap  exists!

Light of Destiny offers here some inspirational posts, that hopefully also offer clarification.  Life is full of metaphor.  Becoming adept at reading the metaphors of your life is so important.  Then what seemed before to be a confusing morass of incomprehensible happenings actually starts to make sense.  What follows naturally from that is gratitude.

The problems of life then become welcome springboards to advancement and self-development.  Everyone has them; we may as well use them to our advantage instead of fighting and resisting them and using ineffective means of running away from them.

Kathie has a metaphorical style of writing, which makes her writing universally applicable to so many situations.

Anything in life, even the most mundane, can be used as an opportunity for growth.   You’ll see that within the post categories of this blog, hopefully.

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About Kathie:

Kathie Thaw has a rich amount of experience.  She is an RN, with a Master’s Degree in Physical Education (Exercise Physiology & Wellness), as well as a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.  She is certified as a Life Coach.

Kathie is also an author.  Navigate to the “Kathie’s Books” page to learn more.

Her “Dancing in the Parenthesis” series of books is a dynamic way to live the Christian way of life, in an easily accessible way.  Her next series of books is in the works, so look for it!!

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